‘Fresh Prince of Blacktown’ Stan Bravo to perform hip hop theatre at the Blacktown Arts Centre"

The Harlem-born rapper will detail his 20-year journey in the Australian music industry in the theatre performance A New Life Experience at Blacktown Arts Centre from 7pm.

Bravo moved to Blacktown at 16 after his mother married Blacktown resident Charlie Gow.

“We moved in 1997 and my life changed forever,” he said.

“Harlem is gentrified now but back then I was really living in the ‘hood


Stan Bravo is no stranger to this rap game! With over a decade in the Australian Hip Hop industry, he knows and has experienced the highs and lows that Hip Hop can offer, been to the show and bought the t-shirt in a manner of speaking.

Considered a well versed veteran in the game, Harlemite Stanley Campbell aka Stan Bravo-